Social marketing & behaviour change training

Skill up teams and partners in social marketing and behaviour change with in-house training and workshops. All sessions are designed to build on team strengths and tailored to your work programme.

This bespoke training can be based on your current priority so you take back actual solutions and steps for moving forward.

What do you want help with?

  1. Personas

    Develop your project persona. Understand how to use it with stakeholders. Develop a market research brief. Get great content!

  2. Behavioural Proposition

    Techniques to shift from a vague organisational brief to a focused journey of steps for your audience using your chosen behavioural theory.

  3. Brand development & great content.

    Do you need a new brand? How does your brand flow through your products, positioning and promotions? How your persona fits here.

  4. Marketing & communication tactics

    Do you need a website? Which social media tools are your best fit? Pushing through the awareness barrier into change isnt accidental. Work out which tactics are best for your programme and how to strategically align them.

  5. Evaluation.

    Getting it right from the start so you can measure intended and unintended change.