A rite of passage for communication professionals

Welcome change-makers and communicators…. to a town far away called Happy Habits. In this town communications is a strategic tool revered and loved by all the town officials. It is a town where where desired behaviours have been “designed in” and where all communications content resonates, drives and motivates. The town planners are known as the “Society for Happy Habits” they use behavioural frameworks and consumer insights to shape and design their town to meet the needs of their residents first, last and always…with their communication leads…from the beginning.

If only!

Hands up if you have been asked for great content that will appeal to everyone to raise awareness of …well…something important to the organisation but no-one else. It is the rite of passage for all communications professionals to have had the conversation (in your head at least)…

” No not everyone is on Facebook or looks at our twitter account. To get results we need to segment our audience ( ‘everyone’ is not a target audience) and we need to drop the 8-page PDF newsletter and start planning now as part of the project plan (not an add-on because the project started 6 months ago).”

Taking a social marketing and behaviour change approach means you have levers to shout this louder and clearer – you have a tried and tested framework to plan with – that brings everyone round the table and on the same page.

Not sure? Coming next week – wow your colleagues with the top three behavioural theories explained in under a 2-minute read!

  • COM-B What it is and how it can help you.
  • Stages of Change: The smokers favourite, how it changed the world.
  • Theory of Planned Behaviour: how rational are we really?

Happy Friday, have have a great weekend and remember what Albert Einstein didn’t say.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Unknown – not Albert Einstein

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