How to give a fork!

Hello and welcome communicators and change-makers to the second Social Insight blog on social marketing and behaviour change. It’s been a while since my first blog when I thought I could balance a full time job with extensive travel, starting a new business, parenting two young boys and meeting the demands of my pampered cats. Oh and a neglected husband who didn’t even make this list first-time round. So, no surprises to anyone that my second post is six months later.

I’m now a 100% a freelance consultant which is slightly terrifying but hugely exciting and since I’ve been supporting professional communicators, public health professionals, policy makers and so forth with their social marketing for nearly 15 years I figured I had a lot of experience to draw on for this blog.

So why did I sit terrified looking at the keyboard for so long, apparently the official blogging term is “analysis paralysis”.

Deep down I did know why but what I didn’t know, was how to best to overcome these barriers. (The irony of writing about using behaviour change to tackle barriers was not lost on me!)

Barrier 1.  Writing a blog for professional communicators is quite honestly very daunting.    For a marketer like me who specialises more in research, strategy and planning I stand in awe at the professionalism and seriously high standards that my communication colleagues take in their writing.  So a quick disclaimer this blog won’t be perfect (my comms friends and you know who you are – I wouldn’t check the grammar!)  But it will be….de-jargonised.

Barrier 2. Put simply is ‘jargon’.   I spent a long time in the public sector and I speak the jargon, I understand the jargon, I like the jargon – it is comforting; but it doesn’t translate well and quite honestly it’s a creativity killer.  When I started writing I could use three sentences instead of three words and if I could throw in a complex graph or process map that no-one really understands I would!

My blog promise to you is to bring you the latest behaviour change, digital marketing & AI news, books, reviews not just from the academic arena but from the consumer arena in short bursts that are easy to digest and understand. In other words the opposite to this blog so far.

So why is this blog titled “How to give a Fork?” Apart from a play with the title between the the hugely bestselling book “How to not give a f*ck” and the genius comedy series The Good Place, (fans let me know if you see it?!?) it is because everyone I have met in my career really does care. I feel so privileged to have work with amazing dedicated people striving to make a positive difference to their communities and the people in them. My goal is to share the tools and demystify the world of behaviour change to help you make it happen.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall, Zoologist & UN Messenger of Peace

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