The cake, the insight and the marketing

Cakes and insight are natural bedfellows. There is a recipe for every occasion 

Thanks for joining me! This is the first blog for Social Insight and I am thrilled to get started. Running my own business is a life-long dream and I am overwhelmed by the support and heart warming advice from friends and colleagues new and old. Thank you to everyone.

Of course I have applied a light-touch analysis to this advice and the two top insights are a) social marketing jargon can be confusing and b)cake is king. Cake is the social bond that brings people together to generate ideas and sparks of creativity and  I no longer think it is a co-incidence that for the last ten years I have used cake imagery to explain how simple insight development can actually be.

One of the most common questions I am asked is “what is insight development and how do I know what I need?” A simple answer is, planning your insight development is like a making a cake.  You begin with a range of ingredients (literature reviews, service data, social listening, focus group analysis, surveys, and stakeholder interviews) and you choose the recipe (behavioural change theory) to fit your occasion.

You can either make the cake yourself, this will depend on your skills and equipment, or you can outsource to a professional baker with a passion for their work.  When baking you will adjust oven temperatures, add liquid, taste mixtures, add some hope and happiness as you mix it to get it just right for your loved one and guests.  Insight development is very similar, the right approach will depend on your goals, your stakeholders and your skill sets and the more the person is at the centre of the planning the better the results.  Knowing and caring about your audience are the top ingredients and it gives great social content too! The icing on the cake.

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