Marketing to connect, grow and inspire change

What we do.

You know that feeling you have when the penny drops? That ohhhh I see moment?

That’s what we do for your marketing. We capture the insight so you can have a deep understanding of your audience using:

  • indepth interviews
  • online focus groups
  • face to face groups

We stay with you on your journey for as long as you need us. We support:

  • brand development.
  • segmentation and positioning
  • campaign development
  • service development
  • online strategies
  • content strategy development
  • implement digital and social campaigns
  • set evaluation so you know you have achieved your goals.

Why we are different

We take a social marketing approach based on behaviour change theories. In other words, we use the latest science understanding the psychology of change to deliver your work. We all know awareness of something doesn’t mean we will actually do it. To make that change we need to understand the whole person. That’s why the insight can have such a powerful impact on your planning.

Who we work with

We work with organisations wanting to make a positive change. Social Enterprises, Local Government, NHS, Public Health, not-for profit.

The Change-maker blog

Get the latest news, tips, reviews and case-studies to inspire you to stay motivated on your goals. Called the Change-maker blog, its written for change-makers and communication and marketing peers to enthuse and energise.

Not sure you are a change-maker? If you are reading this then you have probably thought about it, or at the beginning of your journey. Let us help you get started. Read it here.